Please NOTE: We will not exchange money on any rental until we meet in person and sign the lease. We will not do any monetary transaction over the web or over the phone.

We will have openings at this location in August as well.


Tap video below and read details before any showing...


Video may not be the same rental, but is in the same complex

Tenant pays utilities. Est. Gas Summer 18-20 / winter $80-$100, 
Power $75-$85 yr round all est.

We do have rules, if you can't live by those rules, it's best to find a different landlord. We respect our tenants and they respect our policies and guidelines, they want a place to call home. Here are just a few...
No smoking, No vaping

No hoarding

No Disgusting Housekeeping Issues.
If you live like a slob its best to find a landlord
who loves that behavior.

No late night parties.

Very serious about this, if you smoke or
vape you will not qualify

No parking on street.

No Co-signing

Can not sell contract

We give out applications when showing the place.

Max number of WORKING automobiles is 2

We do not monitor Facebook messenger

This is not a shared occupant property.
Please do not request the following
Need To Click Here Before Calling

Help us help you in finding a place to call home. We have other locations. We will text / call back in number ending with 3900 or 3464

Property code for form below is: SV

Before completing form below, to be upfront,
we don't work with poor credit history "behaviors" 
There is a big difference between establishing good credit and destorying your credit. Renting one of our rentals will be based on 
establishing good credit over a period of time. Not a history of destroying your credit.

We will not allow close friendships or family members to come between us and the management of any property. Our loyalties are to our rental owners and current resident's, not family members or very close friends with favors or any waiver on rules or behavior. This one hurts, but it hurts worse when issues arise. Family and friends can and will be eviteded as well, it has been done.

Thompson Management
We have other locations
435-915-3464 EXT: 9999
You'll receive an incoming text
from number ending in 3900


We comply to federal and State fair housing Laws

 We do not discriminate against Familial Status.
We do not discriminate against Race.
We do not discriminate against Sex.
We do not discriminate against any disability-handicap.
We do not discriminate against color.
We do not discriminate against Religion.
We do not discriminate against national origin.

We do not discriminate against source of income.
We do not discriminate against sexual orientation.
We do not discriminate against gender identity.

Property Code or access Code on this rental is: SV


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